Cape York Peninsula

Ecotone Flora Fauna Consultants has been conducting ecological work on Cape York Peninsula since 2006 and has a permanent presence in Weipa and near Cairns. We have a proven track record in effectively assisting clients with development and conservation Projects in this region. Our work on the Cape has been varied and includes EIS studies and Project approvals for major mining projects; flora surveys required under the QLD Nature Conservation Act for small and large infrastructure developments; spotter catcher services during the construction phase of approved developments; threatened species investigations of iconic species such as the palm cockatoo and northern quoll; and, preclearing surveys for mining and exploration Projects to satisfy clients environmental compliance requirements.

With offices in Weipa and near Cairns we are ideally positioned to service client requirements across Cape York Peninsula with minimal mobilisation costs. Furthermore we have extensive experience and familiarity with the flora, fauna, habitats and environmental issues of the Cape and a solid track record in safely and successfully conducting survey work in this remote area.

Seasonal Swamp Weipa

Northern Quoll

Red Goshawk

Palm Cockatoo

Austral Cornflower