Ecotone Flora Fauna Consultants

The Ecotone connection!

Up until December 2016 Ecotone Flora Fauna Consultants traded under our company name Ecotone Environmental Services Pty Ltd. Our new name heralds in a new stage of our business as we grow our team in response to demands for our services; however, the high level of expertise, reliability and experience that we offer clients remains the same. Our new name also zeros in on our core business, flora and fauna. That’s what we do and have been doing for over 20 years!

Ecotone Flora Fauna Consultants Is a small but well established ecological consultancy that has been providing expert ecological and environmental consultancy services to all sectors of the community since 1997. Our size enables us to readily focus on client requirements, and scope and complete the required work on time with minimum fuss. Our team has worked on hundreds of flora and fauna related Projects across every Bioregion in Queensland and has a reputation for successfully and safely executing work programs, especially in regional and remote areas. With offices located on the Gold Coast and in Cairns and Weipa we are well positioned to respond to work right around Queensland, and are the only multi-disciplinary ecological consultancy with a permanent presence on Cape York Peninsula.

We specialise in:

  • flora and fauna assessments for Project Approvals
  • spotter catcher services
  • planning and safely implementing remote survey work
  • ecology of Cape York Peninsula
  • investigations and monitoring of threatened flora and fauna

Why use us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider us for your Project.

  • we are a smaller consultancy firm focussed on understanding client requirements and delivering client outcomes rather than managing unwieldy teams and large corporate structures
  • we have the expertise, reliability and experience to deliver the highest quality outcomes for your Project which in turn minimises risks of delays or impediments to your Project timeline
  • we do not use Junior staff where jobs require the expertise and experience of Senior team members to achieve high quality results
  • we provide accurate, succinct and well organised documents and reports that provide maximum accessibility to the information you need
  • we maintain open and frank lines of communication with clients to ensure you have an up to date and accurate understanding of the progress on your Project
  • we have a proven track record in safely undertaking field surveys and field research in remote and regional areas
  • our staff are highly trained with appropriate Nationally Accredited competencies facilitating the highest quality consulting experience
  • if you are looking for ecological advice on Cape York Peninsula we are the only multi-disciplinary ecological consultancy with a permanent presence on Cape York Peninsula

This site provides an introduction to our business, our expertise and the services we offer. Please use the Contacts page to email or speak directly with us for more specific information on how we can assist you with your Project or for more information on our capabilities.

Palm Cockatoo

Palm Cockatoo

Northern Quoll

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Palm Cockatoo

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